Texting debuts at Evesham & BCLS

Ten libraries in New Jersey will become the first in the nation to test a program that makes text messaging a primary form of communication between librarians and some patrons” and Evesham Library, along with the rest of the Burlington County Library System, will be participating.

Two different types of messages will be available for subscription. Messages for Teens will include texts like weekly contests with prizes, how to find cool info. for tickets to concerts or sporting events, and “other stuff that helps beyond high school” such as tips for college applications, careers, or volunteer opportunities.  Messages for Parents will be geared towards scheduling, library program alerts, and resources to help their kids with homework.  Standard text message charges will apply based on the message plan you have or don’t have for your cell phone.  Each service will send out a maximum of 2 messages per week.

To subscribe to this service, text the word BCLSTEEN bclsteentextfor teens or BCLSPARENTS for parents to the shortcode 51684. The shortcode 51684 goes in the phone number field and either BCLSTEEN or BCLSPARENTS goes in the text message body. That’s all there is to it! You can unsubscribe at any time by texting the word STOP to 51684. You can also text HELP for help.


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