World War II

Join us on Wednesday, March 31st at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm for this enlightening evening about World War II. You may register using the online calendar or by calling the library at 856-983-1444.

This multimedia presentation illustrates the trials and tribulations of the heroes of our country, the men and women who served in World War II. Information presented includes artwork and music of the time period, a look at Norman Rockwell, Nose art (Bombers) and various other artwork. If time permits, Dr. Seuss propaganda will also be shown. A variety of fascinating stories shared by prisoners of war, bombardiers, and liberators of the Holocaust prisoners will be related by the presenter, Michael Panarella.

About the presenter: Mr. Michael Panarella was a teacher for 35 years and was granted three Frederick Hipp awards for excellence in the classroom. He was recognized as one of the ‘Top Ten People Who Made a Difference’ in Burlington County in 2003. He was a presenter at the Teacher’s Convention in Atlantic City and was also a guest lecturer in New York City at the preview of the Ken Burns documentary, ‘The War.’ Mr. Panarella spearheaded a project which raised $12,000 to fund monuments that were placed at all four of his local high schools. He has used first-hand resources including Veterans, Holocaust survivors, Civil Rights activists, and individuals who have lived through various historical events as a tool for educating his students.


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