Understanding Addiction & the Impact on the Family

If someone in your life is struggling with addiction, or abuse of chemicals please attend this workshop. Attend if you are concerned about someone you know, but don’t know where to turn. Come and gain a better understanding of the addiction process; how it develops, progresses, and what those around the impacted individual can do to assist them in dealing with this most difficult issue. Discover strategies you can use today to help the addicted person get into, and sustain their recovery.

Thanks to a grant provided by the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders, through the Office of Human Services, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Unit, we are pleased to provide this vital information to aid you and your family in this FREE community education session. Focused on families, parents and loved ones, this session provides a supportive place to discuss and learn about addictions, and the drug use impacting you and your community. Your presenter, John K. Kriger MSM, CPS, LCADC provides a safe place to get the answers you want and need. Please come early, as seating is limited. For further information, call (609) 387-5226 or email at info@krigerconsulting.com.

Please join John K. Kriger for Understanding Addiction & the Impact on the Family on Tuesday, September 14th at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Registration is not required, but can be accepted at the online calendar or by calling the library at 856-983-1444.


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