Financial Conversation Circle for Women Canceled

The “Empower, Educate & Engage” financial program for women set to meet tomorrow morning, Wednesday January 12th at 10:30 am, has been canceled due to the expected snow. The program will be rescheduled at a later date.

For anyone interested, there has already been an evening date scheduled for Thursday, February 10th at 7:00 pm.

Program description:
Join Catherine B. Allen, Certified Financial Planner™, for this engaging financial conversation circle for women.

What does money mean to you? Nothing or everything? It’s time we change the way we talk about money. 95% of women are involved in the financial decision making in their household. 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their life. If you are ready to take ownership of your financial well being and gain the knowledge necessary to realize your hopes and dreams, it can start with a simple conversation.

About your presenter:
Having worked in the financial industry for over 25 years, Ms. Allen is not satisfied with the way financial advice is provided to women. It is her passion and goal to change the conversation about personal finance. She specializes in hosting circles, women coming together with a common purpose-to learn more about the financial issues that may affect them, now and in the future.


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