Did you miss yesterday’s Foreign Film?

The Overture (Hom rong)

If you missed former Drexel Professor Ramesh Kajaria’s viewing of The Overture yesterday on Sunday, March 27th at 2:00 pm, consider checking the DVD out from the library! If you’re not a member of the Burlington County Library System, check with your own library to see if they carry it or can get it for you.

Mr. Kajaria also shared a film review with attendees, which can be found here.

This award-winning film from Thailand is in Thai w/English subtitles. 2004, not rated.

Synopsis: Itthi-sunthorn Wichailak directs this captivating drama inspired by the real-life story of Thai musician Luang Pradit Pairoh, whose skill at playing a xylophone-like instrument called the ranard-ek has granted him legendary status in the world of classical music. Anuchit Saphanphong and Adul Dulyarat portray the musical master at various ages, while Arratee Tanmahapran, Narongit Tosa-nga and Phongphat Wachirabanjong co-star.

Edit: This is now the correct synopsis for The Overture. The previous one posted in error was for next month’s film, Owl and the Sparrow. Apologies for the mix up  and a thank you to Jill for catching it!


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