Technology Addiction

Join Kriger Consulting tonight at 6:30 pm for this important workshop on Technology Addiction, provided through a grant from the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders through the Office of Human Services, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Unit.

Learn how tech-addiction may be impacting you, your family, your workplace or your school. Discover how to offset the negative effects. Learn to help others and what signs to watch for. Find how to gain balance in your own computer use. Gain knowledge of how tech-addiction can cause sleeplessness, depression, and worse!

This is a free workshop and no registration is necessary, but space is limited. Call 609-387-5226 or email for more information.


One Response to Technology Addiction

  1. Natale says:

    I am a graduate in an international communications school in Israel and have been researching this subject for a year now. I have created a youtube page regarding this subject, filled with videos that I have filmed and uploaded.
    I decided to go around Israel to find volunteers to give up their cell phones and laptops for just 3 days, and I documented them as they did so.

    Please check it out at my youtube page. The link is listed below:

    Enjoy and please comment and share! We need to REWIND the FUTURE!!!!

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