Did you miss Sunday’s Foreign Film?

Owl and the Sparrow (Cu va Chim Se Se)

If you missed former Drexel Professor Ramesh Kajaria’s viewing of Owl and the Sparrow on Sunday, April 17th at 2:00 pm, why not check the DVD out from the library? (If you’re not a member of the Burlington County Library System, check with your own library to see if they carry it or can get it for you.)

Here is the film review that Mr. Kajaria shared with attendees. This award-winning film from Vietnam is in Vietnamese with English subtitles. 2007, Rated PG.

Synopsis: After angering her stern uncle (Trong Hai), 10-year-old Thuy (Han Thi Pham) runs away and lands on the tough streets of Saigon. There, she befriends shy zookeeper Hai (The Lu Le) and flight attendant Lan (Cat Ly). Dreaming of a new family, Thuy plays matchmaker to bring the two together. Meanwhile, Thuy’s furious uncle tracks her through the city. Stephane Gauger wrote and directed this Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award winner.


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