Blast Off with Tumblin’ Tots

Take a look at one of our favorite programs at the Evesham LibraryTumblin’ Tots visits us most months for tumbling adventures for ages 2-3 year olds and 4-5 year olds. (click link to learn more about Tumblin’ Tots)

This programs combines exercise, fitness, & listening skills into a deceptively fun program that children absolutely LOVE.  Take a look at our Online Activity Calendar.  We are having Tumblin’ Tots back in November on 11/2 & 11/22  and again in December on 12/7 & 12/19Registration begins 2 weeks prior to the event at 10:00 am.  Happy Tumbling!

5 ... 4 ... 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! (Pretending to be a rocket)


Giving her ball a Big Hug ... and listening to the teacher

Different exercises (ahem, I mean games) with a ball!


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