This I Believe Quick Reference

Below are links to most of the essays that are included in the first collection of This I Believe. You will still have to get the book to read the beginning and ending sections, but this list should give you a good jump on the reading you need to do this summer. The links below include both the text and the audio from the NPR radio broadcasts.

Be cool to the pizza dude / Sarah Adams

Leaving identity issues to other folks / Phyllis Allen

In giving I connect with others / Isabel Allende

Remembering all the boys / Elvia Bautista

The mountain disappears / Leonard Bernstein

How is it possible to believe in God? / William F. Buckley, Jr.

The fellowship of the world / Niven Busch

There is no job more important than parenting / Benjamin Carson

A journey toward acceptance and love / Greg Chapman

A shared moment of trust / Warren Christopher

The hardest work you will ever do / Mary Cook

Good can be as communicable as evil / Norman Corwin

A daily walk just to listen / Susan Cosio

The elusive yet holy core / Kathy Dahlen

My father’s evening star / William O. Douglas

An honest doubter / Elizabeth Deutsch Earle

Have I learned anything important since I was sixteen? / Elizabeth Deutsch Earle

An ideal of service to our fellow man / Albert Einstein

The power and mystery of naming things / Eve Ensler

A goal of service to humankind / Anthony Fauci

The God who embraced me / John W. Fountain

Unleashing the power of creativity / Bill Gates

The people who love you when no one else will / Cecile Gilmer

The willingness to work for solutions / Newt Gingrich

The connection between strangers / Miles Goodwin

An athlete of God / Martha Graham

Seeing in beautiful, precise pictures / Temple Grandin

Disrupting my comfort zone / Brian Grazer

In praise of the “Wobblies” / Ted Gup

The power of presence / Debbie Hall

A grown-up Barbie / Jane Hamill

Happy talk / Oscar Hammerstein II

Natural links in a long chain of being / Victor Hanson

Talking with the sun / Joy Harjo

A morning prayer in a little church / Helen Hayes

Our noble, essential decency / Robert A. Heinlein

A new birth of freedom / Maximillan Hodder

The benefits of restlessness and jagged edges / Kay Redfield Jamison

There is no God / Penn Jillette

A duty to heal / Pius Kamau

Living life with “Grace and elegant treeness” / Ruth Kamps

The light of a brighter day / Helen Keller

The bright lights of freedom / Harold Hongju Koh

The power of love to transform and heal / Jackie Lantry

The power of mysteries / Alan Lightman

Life grows in the soil of time / Thomas Mann

Why I close my restaurant / George Mardikian

The virtues of the quiet hero / John McCain

The joy and enthusiasm of reading / Rick Moody

There is such a thing as truth / Errol Morris

The rule of law / Michael Mullane

Getting angry can be a good thing / Cecilia Muñoz

Mysterious connections that link us together / Azar Nafisi

The making of poems / Gregory Orr

We are each other’s business / Eboo Patel

The 50-percent theory of life / Steve Porter

The America I believe in / Colin Powell

The real consequences of justice / Frederic Reamer

There is more to life than my life / Jamaica Ritcher

Tomorrow will be a better day / Josh Rittenberg

Free minds and hearts at work / Jackie Robinson

Growth that starts from thinking / Eleanor Roosevelt

The artistry in hidden talents / Mel Rusnov

My fellow worms / Carl Sandburg

When children are wanted / Margaret Sanger

Jazz is the sound of God laughing / Colleen Shaddox

There is no such thing as too much barbecue / Jason Sheehan

The people have spoken / Mark Shields

Everything potent is dangerous / Wallace Stegner

A balance between nature and nurture / Gloria Steinem

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness / Andrew Sullivan

Always go to the funeral / Deirdre Sullivan

Finding prosperity by feeding monkeys / Harold Taw

I agree with a pagan / Arnold Toynbee

Testing the limits of what I know and feel / John Updike

How do you believe in a mystery? / Loudon Wainwright III

Creative solutions to life’s challenges / Frank X. Walker

Goodness doesn’t just happen / Rebecca West

When ordinary people achieve extraordinary things / Jody Williams


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