Stuffed Animal Sleepover

July 5, 2012

We’re really celebrating our 2012 Summer Reading Theme (Dream Big … Read!)at the Evesham Library with a Stars Spangled Stuffed Animal Sleepover!!!

Twenty-six furry friends spent the night & the holiday with us at the Evesham Library.  They read, collected prizes, watched the fireworks, and made their great escape.  Come take a look at the mischief they got into …

The greeting committee … welcome to the Evesham Library!

Score! Look at all of these prizes!

Hee hee … press the button, Horse.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

Ummm … a little privacy, please.

Shhh … come on. Let’s go out this little door.

Hurry … follow me! Where are we going?

to the park!!!

Waiting for the fireworks!

Back in the library …

Do you think anyone saw us?



Stuffed Animal Sleepover

November 17, 2011

What do you think happens at the library when the lights go out?  Well, these fuzzy friends documented their mischief at the library this week during Stuffed Animal Sleepover.  Kids dropped off their stuffed animals, they received their id bracelet, & then the adventure began …

We found these Legos in Ms. Laurie's office.

We revved up on caffeine & juice. We want to stay up ALL night!

Cart racing at the library is sooo much fun. Monkey was crazy!

How do you get this thing open? We're hungry.

ahhh ... success!

The force is too strong. I cannot resist these M&M's.

Late night pizza order. ha ha