Foreign Film & Discussion Series

April 25, 2012

The Thief  (Vor)

Please join former Drexel Professor Ramesh Kajaria on Sunday, April 29th at 2:00 pm to watch and discuss this Oscar-nominated film from Russia. In Russian, not rated, 1997. Registration not required, but seating is limited.

If you are unable to attend the viewing, you may check the DVD out from the library. (If you are not a member of the Burlington County Library System, check with your own library to see if they carry it or can get it for you.)

Synopsis: In this Oscar-nominated film, widow Katya and her young child, Sanya, meet a handsome army captain, Tolyan, on a train in 1952 Russia. Posing as a family, the three find a rooming house where Tolyan becomes everyone’s favorite. Tolyan charms with his good looks and generosity — especially   toward Sanya. But the relationship goes sour when Tolyan’s plans for the rooming house become clear, and his real identity is revealed.